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Homeowners: Our Hardwood Flooring Installation and Refinishing Preparation Checklist

Are you wondering what kind of preparation work to start before having brand new hardwood flooring installed or having hardwood flooring refinished? Often times homeowners will ask what kind of preparation work they should do before we come to install or refinish their hardwood flooring. Below are our preparation to do’s:

(1) Relocated furniture: Before having hardwood flooring installed or refinished, it is best to relocate furniture in the room with the flooring that will be worked on. Consider all other items in the room that could possibly get in the way of working on the floors.

(2) Tape down cabinets: Depending on where your putting your new hardwood flooring or where your hardwood flooring is being refinished, consider your cabinetry. While our machinery is quite dustless, it is best to keep cabinets shut to keep out any dust the settle while we are working. Cabinets can occasionally get in the way of our machines or workers.

(3) Shelf removal: If we will be installing hardwood flooring or refinishing hardwood flooring in a closet or pantry area then remove any wire closet or pantry units. The minimum would be removing just the bottom shelf. The more removed the better just to keep things out of the work way.

(4) Find a place for pets: Find a safe place for pets to be during the installation process. They may of course stay in the home, but need to be away from the work area.

(5) Create a clear pathway to circuit breaker or fuse box: We will need access to a circuit breaker or fuse box, so try and create a pathway for us to be able to easily have access as that is how we power our equipment.

These preparation tips are meant to help us get into the hardwood flooring installation process faster. If you have questions prior to your hardwood flooring installation, please contact us.

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