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Welcome to Palatine Hardwood Flooring Company Chicagoland Pro’s New Website and Blog

Welcome to Palatine hardwood flooring company Chicagoland Pro’s new website and blog! We’re excited to share tons of hardwood flooring topics, stories, tips and tricks of the hardwood flooring trade with you.

Palatine Harwood Flooring company, Chicagoland Pro has been in business for over 25 years. The owner is personally involved in every project because he does all of the work: Hardwood Flooring Installation, Hardwood Flooring Sanding and Finishing, Hardwood Flooring Repairs, Hardwood Flooring Maintenance and Hardwood Flooring FREE Estimates.

Palatine Hardwood Flooring
Palatine Hardwood Flooring Installation
Palatine Hardwood Refinishing
Palatine Hardwood Maintenance

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  1. Harwood flooring is a natural and organic and long lasting and a ideal choice for all environmentally friendly flooring because solid wood is sourced from sustainable forests.

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