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Hardwood Floors or Laminate Floors? Which is Right for You?

Hardwood floors are such a huge attraction to home owners and renters. Think about it, ask a friend or family member what their dream home would be and what kind of floors they would have in their home; chances are, the vast majority of people you ask this question to will say they would want wood floors, maybe something like granite might come in second place. But the point is that hardwood and laminate floors have become a necessity to most home owners because they look classy, elegant, easier to keep clean (compared to carpeting) with spills, pet hair, stains, etc. The real question is not whether or not you want hardwood or laminate floors, but which one? Of course, there are pros and cons to both.

A pro to laminate floors over hardwood floors is the cost. Laminate floors are often cheaper than real hardwood floors so consider your budget. If you want to have the look of beautiful hardwood floors in your home but cannot afford the price, then take a look at laminate floors. Don’t send your family into debt just because you think laminate floors are not quality or classy, they are on both accounts. The installation is much cheaper.

Another pro of laminate floors is that they are often more durable for pets. If you have dogs, cats, or something that can leave claw marks or scratches in the floors from walking, running, or the pet just being silly, then consider getting laminate. A con to hardwood is that it is much more vulnerable to scratches.

A pro for hardwood floors is that they are often a major selling point to home buyers. When someone hears, “This house has original hardwood floors.” Their ears perk up a little bit. People love to look at the sight of real hardwood floors and can make people fall in love. A con to laminate floors is that people sometimes do not like to hear that the floors are not real wood if they are looking to buy a home. But that is not much of a problem for many buyers and sellers

Hopefully this blog helped you decide if you should get hardwood floors or laminate floors for your home. IF you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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