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Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

There are many kinds of flooring in the world and each kind of flooring has a certain kind of benefits; however, there are some benefits that are only accessible by installing hardwood flooringThe benefits between tile and hardwood are relatively similar, the main point of difference is appearance; the biggest battle of benefits lies between carpeting and hardwood floorsSo what are the special aspects of each? Let’s find out:


  • It is quiet and comfortable on the feet. When you are walking around your home and you have carpeting, it makes relatively no noise because the carpeting absorbs the noise of the impact of the foot on the floor. This is one downside to hardwood floors, when you walk on them, you tend to make a bit of noise. Carpeting is often regarded as more comfortable on your feet as well, at least when you’re standing up for long periods of time.
  • It keeps your feet warmer in the colder months. In the winter, the carpeting is nicer to walk on because it doesn’t get cold due to the weather.
  • It is safe and clean. The thing about carpeting is that when you install it, there are chemicals that are used to make the carpets and keep them intact and also chemicals to install the carpet. These chemicals can leak for years. However, for hardwood, there are no chemicals used to install. There are few chemicals used to make the wood floors but they do not leak and the quantity that is minimal.
  • Hardwood flooring maintenance is much easier for wood vs carpeting. To keep it clean, simple vacuuming, quick wet sweeping devices, quick dry sweeping devices, or even a paper towel are all you need to keep your floors clean.
  • They are much more sustainable. As we know, wood floors are made from…*drum roll*… wood! This means that the flooring source is something that regrows and helps the environment. In the past, there were not many rules prohibiting clear cutting and other bad practices; however, now there are rules to keep the cutting of trees to a responsible level so you don’t have to worry about ruining a forest when you purchase hardwood floors
  • The floors make your home look nicer. When people walk into a home with hardwood, we automatically assume the house is worth more and the things inside it are more expensive as well. It’s psychological; we think a house is more expensively decorated when we see the home has hardwood in it, even if it’s laminate hardwood. Also, the colors in hardwood are expanding so you can get your choice of a variety of colors; even the default color goes with any decor so you don’t have to worry about if it’ll clash with a new paint job.


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