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Tips for Choosing the Right Hardwood Flooring Color

Hardwood flooring is a great style of flooring for any home because it looks sleek, can adapt to any decor, and is easier to maintain and keep clean compared to other flooring styles, like carpeting. However, you can have your hardwood floor come in a variety of colors, so how do you know which one is right for you?

  • Consider the height of your ceilings, the size of the room the flooring will be installed in, and also the texture of the walls and furniture when deciding on what color of hardwood you want. The colors of all these things should compliment each other. Now, the thing with hardwood is that it is much easier to get the flooring to compliment the decor than with other flooring choices but you still have to make sure.
  • If the room you are going to be putting the floors into is small and/or has dark-colored walls, then try to avoid using a dark-colored hardwood because that would just make the room look really dark and small.
  • A darker shade can make the room look more elegant and add warmth.
  • Lower ceiling? Then a lighter shade is your best choice.
  • Go with colors that contrast & compliment each other — furniture and flooring.
  • Go for flooring samples to really get the full look of an idea. Yes, pictures will do good things but you won’t get the full thought of what you want planned out until you try it with floor samples.
  • Darker shades are the style choice of late, especially with more urban and artistic looks.
  • For more open spaces like offices, public spaces, etc. the more popular color of late has been darker shades of red like Jabota, Mahogany, oak or ash stained.

Like we said, making a great style choice with hardwood is easier because all the finishes tend to go with whatever you choose but you can still make a really great style choice by picking the perfect finish. If you have any questions, contact Chicagoland Pro – a hardwood flooring company


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