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3 Advantages of Laminate Hardwood Flooring

The look of hardwood flooring is one that is highly coveted. Many people are going for hardwood in their home when they do remodeling jobs and many home builders are putting the floors in new homes instead of tile and carpeting. 

Some homeowners are going for the hardwood look but desire a smaller price tag on the floors; for these homeowners, laminate hardwood flooring is the way to go! Laminate gets you the lovely look of hardwood but enables you to spend a bit less. 

So besides price, what are some benefits of laminate hardwood floors? We have three:

  1.  Installation is easier. A big feature of laminate is the fact that you are able to install it with much more ease than traditional hardwood or other flooring options. You can get laminate in different styles, such as the glue-in option or the snap-in-place option; with the snap-in-place option, you do what it sounds like, you place the board and snap it into place with the other boards, no glue needed. 
  2. They adapt to different subfloors. Whatever kind of subfloor you have, the laminate floors will do a good job of adjusting to have a good fit. You can have either concrete or wood under the laminate hardwood, both work great. Laminate is a great option for homes that have a higher moisture level. You can even install laminate over existing ceramic floors. Just make sure your subfloor is level and clean. 
  3. Fantastic finish. Laminate wood flooring is actually an imitation of real hardwood flooring but that does not mean it is not sturdy or elegant. Laminate is composite wood with a photo of real wood on top. Due to the finish that is placed on top, these floors are more resistant to abrasion like scratches. 

If you are looking for a great flooring option that adds beauty and elegance to your home, consider laminate. 

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