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Hardwood Floor Helps Sell Your Home

The real estate market has changed in recent years and continues to be steadily growing. While there is no prediction of major increases buyers can help sell their home with the installation of hardwood floor.

To be prepared for new buyers means making it easy for them to say “YES”.  The new generation homebuyers have a lot of requests, and at the top of the list is hardwood flooring. Hardwood floor is  being added to kitchen and bathroom areas, for modernizing and updated looks.  Other trends include using “green” flooring and salvaged wood for innovative and sustainable practices. All of these are great options when looking to sell, as they are big trends for 2015.

There are several reasons people are looking to move into homes with hardwood floor specifically. One of those main reasons is the investment. Hardwood floors can last for up to 100 years with proper care. New home buyers who are looking to make an investment want to know that there investing in more than a home but also the homes features.  They want to be able to live in these homes for many years to come with little to no effort in changing the home they bought. They also want to make sure that the things included in the home will be of value when it is time for them to sell. Hardwood floor is one of the features that will remain in the property for the next family to enjoy.

Another reason is people want move in ready property. While they may be able to install the wood flooring later on their own, it is much easier to move in without renovation and delay. The amount of time and energy it takes to install or refinish hardwood correctly can deter buyers. Homebuyers want “move in ready” properties without any delay or extra projects before their move.  The idea of leaving the home for remodeling after a move is daunting and can cost extra money on hotel accommodations. This is a major reason to have the floor installed before showings or open houses.

Other than the financial and time concerns; health and quality of life in a new home is a top concern for buyers. Those suffering from allergies are quick to have allergic reactions in homes that have carpeting and will pass on a home that may cause them to suffer daily because of dust mites, mold and dirt. For these people in specific it is much healthier to live in a space with hardwood floors. Unfortunately, the renovation or installations of those floors can also cause allergic reactions so having floors installed and finished, and the home cleaned before buyers view them is the best option. This feature can greatly increase a better walk through experience for those facing allergies and can ultimately make or break the decision when it comes to buying a home.

Real estate forecasts show that sales of homes are up, and have consistently been rising but it’s not an easy sell. For those looking to show or sell their home this summer it would be a good idea to get in touch with their local hardwood flooring professional like Chicagoland Pro. We offer a Free consolation and can help advise you on the best type of flooring for your home and budget.  Weather it is a new installation or a refinishing of old hardwood flooring, rest assured you wont go wrong, and will buyers agree.

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