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“I have been obsessed with clean floors.Thanks to this floor expert that It only take few minutes to clean our floors! I can clean them everyday without taking so much time :)”
Sherly Baquirel Colita
Dec. 2014


“After pulling up carpeting in our home, we discovered that the entire first floor had hardwood floors underneath the carpeting. The floors themselves were in fair condition, with the finish worn away in spots, lots of nail holes, some deep scratches and razor lines etc, so we wanted to have them refinished. Wayne, the owner, came over for a free estimate, and it was cheaper than others so we went with them.The job got done quickly, with one full day of sanding, and staining, and two more days for the coats of Poly. All nail holes were repaired, razor lines sanded away. They use a dustless sander, which really cuts down on the dust in the rest of the house. Our floor looks FANTASTIC! I would highly recommend Chicagoland Pro Hardwood Flooring if you are looking at completely changing the look of your floors/home. We could not be happier with the results.”

Chris Fanone
Oct.  2012

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