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  • Winter Time Care for Hardwood Flooring

    The winter time can be an extremely beautiful time of the year but also an extremely cold time of the year, like the past two weeks. When it is winter time, we see a lot of snow and ice and that stuff can get brought into the house. Despite our hardwood flooring being inside our homes, it […]

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  • Types of Hardwood Floors

    When doing research for future hardwood flooring projects, make sure you know what each kind of flooring is and how it will affect your project. Typically, when we think of hardwood floors, we think of the traditional are a medium brown that have panels that are a few inches wide. Well, while that is one […]

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  • Do You Have Hardwood Flooring Under Your Carpet?

    Hardwood flooring is the go-to flooring option for many homes in recent years. Why? Because hardwood flooring is elegant, attractive, and has relatively easy maintenance. However, there are many homes that already have hardwood floors installed and the homeowners don’t even know it! In the past, what we now know as wood flooring was used […]

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  • Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors. Hardwood flooring tips.

    Why did you get hardwood flooring? Chances are because it is easier to clean up and maintain right? But you do not want to ruin your hardwood flooring and you may worry about what specifics you should know to properly take care of your floors. Whether you have laminate or real hardwood, maintenance is key […]

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  • Hardwood Floors or Laminate Floors? Which is Right for You?

    Hardwood floors are such a huge attraction to home owners and renters. Think about it, ask a friend or family member what their dream home would be and what kind of floors they would have in their home; chances are, the vast majority of people you ask this question to will say they would want […]

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  • Dealing with Stains and Hardwood Flooring

    Many homeowners prefer the look and feel of hardwood flooring throughout their home and it is understandable. Hardwood makes for natural, beautiful flooring in a home. How a homeowner chooses to care for their hardwood flooring can truly make or break how well their hardwood flooring holds up over time. Accidents like liquid spills or […]

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  • Signs You Need Hardwood Flooring Refinishing

    Are your old hardwood floors looking dull and tired? Perhaps a pick me up in the form of hardwood floor refinishing is just what they need, but don’t let your hardwood flooring fool you. Scratches, discolorations, and dings do not necessarily mean your flooring needs refinishing. It could just mean that your floors could use […]

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  • New Year, New Hardwood Flooring

    Looking to start this new year off right? Why not consider finally installing those brand new hardwood floors? If you have been considering hardwood flooring installation, but just aren’t totally convinced that you should spend the money on it, then we have a few reasons why you should. 1- Increases your home value: Times are […]

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  • Using Green Stains and Sealants

    Not all that long ago we wrote about going green with your hardwood flooring choices and now we’re going to talk about green stains and sealants that are available today. As had mentioned in that previous blog, hardwood flooring could emit harmful volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs. We talked about some hardwood flooring […]

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  • Winter and Your Hardwood Flooring

    Winter is just beginning to show itself. We are a Palatine Hardwood Flooring company that is very used to the rough Chicago winters. How do you protect your hardwood flooring from the cold? Here are a few tips on protecting your hardwood flooring from the cold winter months: 1- Keep rags, mops or towels handy […]

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